The Market Research Manager Opportunity / About Us:

Splash 4 Partners is looking for Market Research Manager to join its boutique management consultancy and diligence advisory practice.  This role is for an integral functional team lead responsible and accountable for executing the primary research portions of industry / commercial due diligence projects.  This role has a heavy focus on identifying and accessing subject matter experts (“SMEs”).

S4P works with private equity firms, middle market executives, healthcare systems, and lenders to make investment decisions, develop and execute growth strategies, identify acquisition targets, and enter new markets. The Market Research Manager will be responsible for managing entire segments of client engagements such as: managing survey vendors, drafting questions lists, recruiting interview participants / SMEs, conducting in-depth interviews, report production, and advising clients of key findings. The Market Research Manager will work out of the Richmond, Virginia office.

Our team works closely to deliver high touch services and actionable results to clients. The firm operates with a relatively flat hierarchy, giving team members the ability to own sections of each project and further their professional development. For more about the firm, use your research skills and let us know what you find and why you want to work at Splash 4 Partners.  


Responsibilities (What you will be doing):

·       Assist in scoping the primary research portions of new project engagements

·       Lead all primary research functions with a heavy emphasis on developing strategies and action plans for identifying and accessing SMEs

·       Determine when high-volume surveys are needed vs. smaller but more in-depth interviews vs. both

·       Draft thoughtful question lists, talk tracks, and call scripts

·       Research, identify, recruit, and schedule interview participants / SMEs

·       Conduct in-depth interviews

·       Manage third party survey vendors; identify other possible vendor partners over time and cultivate and manage those relationships

·       Synthesis and analysis of quantitative and qualitative information / responses

·       Quantitative analysis of survey and interview responses, including but not limited to data analysis in Excel

·       Identify and communicate key themes and findings from the primary research

·       Manage project workflows, including divide call responsibilities, track team progress, communicate progress, and ensure deadlines and outcomes are met

·       Create and improve upon best practices, processes, protocols, and tools

·       Assist in secondary research

·       PowerPoint creation and formatting

·       And more


Skills (What you bring to the table):

·       Experience conducting in-depth primary research

·       Strong logic and reasoning skills

·       Inherently curious

·       Takes ownership of and pride in assignments big and small

·       Process driven

·       Pays close attention to detail, meticulous

·       Exceptional at formulating and asking good questions

·       Strong listener and copious note taker

·       Adept at reading between the lines in interviews, listening to what is not said as much as what is said, listening to how responses are given, and reading body language when in person

·       Able to give and receive direct feedback

·       Calm under pressure

·       Ability to communicate effectively (in writing, via phone, and in person) with a wide variety of individuals

·       Good at writing, editing, and synthesizing concepts, ideas, and themes

·       Ability to work both independently and also as part of a team

·       Thinks beyond the scope of a given assignment; ability to understand a process and anticipate next steps and take the initiative to act on it

·       Solution-oriented; creative problem solver


How to Apply (Instructions on how to impress):

Email your resume and cover letter to jgrosshandler@splash4partners.  Cover letters should be their own separate document from the resume.  The cover letter should highlight who you are, why you are interested in working at S4P, and what makes you uniquely qualified for the position.  In the body of the email, please respond to one odd and one even question from the list below with extreme brevity.

1.       If you were given seven minutes to teach us something, what would it be?

2.       What is your favorite market failure?

3.       What is at the top of your learner’s bucket list?

4.       In six or seven sentences, pitch your favorite book or podcast.