Industry Expertise



Because we are busy executing for our clients, our completed projects list below is not always the most up to date. If you do not see an industry of interest listed or want to know more about ones that are we recommend reaching out to Splash 4 Partners by emailing or filling out our contact form.


Corporate Security & Law Enforcement


Corporate Training & Compliance

  • Human Capital Behavioral Assessment Services

  • Human Capital Management Systems

  • Learning Management Systems

  • Securities Compliance Reporting Software

  • Talent Management Systems


Data & Analytics

  • Alternative Datasets

  • e-Discovery Platforms

  • Online Health Communities

  • Record Retrieval Services


Healthcare Suppliers & Distributors

  • Dental Products

  • Diabetic Testing Products

  • RFID Asset & Inventory Tracking

  • Specialty Pharmacies


Hospital Based Healthcare Services & IT


Outpatient Healthcare

  • Direct-to-Patient Telehealth Services

  • Dental Support Organizations

  • Gastric Bypass Surgical Practice Groups

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy 

  • Infertility Clinics